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  500285-090 1ml Square Well U Bottom Polypropylene Plate, 90 per case View Product  

In order to maximize storage space using laboratory automation systems, plate height can be a consideration. Finneran Porvair Sciences has launched a 1mL, 96-well plate, with a low profile. This popular format allows our distribution partners to compete for a large market with a top quality competitively priced plate.  Additionally, as a result of the low profile, more plates can be loaded in the automatic stack in high-throughput labs.

The 1mL 96-Well Plate, from Finneran Porvair, is manufactured to meet the standardized ANSI microplate footprint. Made from polypropylene (PP), the plate is beneficial in applications where higher heat stability or chemical resistance is of importance. The unique design makes the plate suitable for applications where larger working volumes are required, e.g. liquid storage in compound libraries. The plate is compatible with current plate equipment and can be used for both manual and robotic handling equipment. The plate is free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA and pyrogens. The raised wells make it well-suited to thermal or adhesive sealing.