Item # Description
  BK-50  AbsorbMax Black Sealing Film for Luminescence Assays, Vinyl 203um, Opaque, Non-Sterile, 50mper View Product

AbsorbMaxTM sealing films are 203µm thick black vinyl films with 37µm acrylic adhesive for use with 96-well, 384-well, and 1536-well black microplates. The sealing films may be applied to either the top or bottom of the plate. A split backing aids in applying the sealing film properly. Edge cutouts assist in positioning and accomodate ribs on the plate bottom. The light-blocking and absorbing properties of AbsorbMaxTM sealing films make them ideal for protecting light-sensitive samples during storage. In fluorescence applications they reduce stray light and well-to-well crosstalk. For top-reading fluorescence applications, apply the black sealing film to the plate bottom with clear-bottom wells. For bottom-reading fluorescence, use the black sealing film as a top seal.  AbsorbMaxTM sealing films will fit within the rim of raised-rim plates.

• Black light-absorbing sealing films for use with black microplates
• May be applied to top or bottom of plate
• Protect light-sensitive samples during storage
• Reduce stray light and crosstalk in fluorescence assays
• Dimensions: 76.2mm x 114.3mm
• Recommended temperature range: -40°C to +80°C.