Item # Shelf Pack Case Pack
  360080 24-Square Well, Polypropylene with Lid, 10mL, Sterile  25 pieces View Product
  219101 96-Round Well, Polypropylene with Lid, 1mL, Sterile 25 pieces View Product
  219102 96-Square Well, Polypropylene with Lid, 2mL, Sterile 25 pieces View Product

Bacti-growth plates are specially packaged plates to allow the growth of bacteria, yeast, mammalian or insect cell lines.  Using only the highest-grade raw materials, our plates are tested to ensure no moulding or polymer contaminants leach out into the samples.  This guarantees reproducibility and maintains customer confidence.  Each Bactigrowth plate consists of a deep well plate and a tight fitting lid, packed sterile in bags.