Mini Vortex Mixer Model MIX1000

Mini Vortex Mixer Model MIX1000

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MIX1000 Mini Vortex Mixer is designed for “touch” mixing a variety of test tubes. With a 4.5mm orbit and adjustable speed of 1000-2800rpm, the mini vortex mixer instantly vortexes even the largest samples, including nearly full 50ml tubes. The small footprint allows it to be used on even the most crowded bench.


 1. Shaking speed: 1000-3500rpm.
2. Powerful and reliable motor designed for daily laboratory use.
3.“Touch” pressure activated operation.
4. Accept a variety of test tubes, including the tubes up to 50ml.
5. Mini-sized, allowing it to fit on even the most crowded bench.

 Speed range 1000~3500rpm
Type of motor activationTouch pressure activated operation
 Type of movementOrbital
Max test tube sizeФ30mm
Max load0.1kg
Power supply24W
VoltageAC100~240V 50/60Hz