Item # Description
  250-10013 MiniVap™ BlowDown Evaporator without Head (formerly P/N 229206) 1 unit View Product
  150-10002013 96 Needle Head with spiral needles (formerly P/N 229072), 1 unit View Product
  150-10002012 96 Needle Head with straight needles (formerly P/N 229036), 1 unit View Product
  150-10002015 24 Needle Head with straight needles (formerly P/N 229409), 1 unit View Product
  150-10002016 48 Needle Head with straight needles (formerly P/N 229410), 1 unit View Product

The MiniVap® is purpose designed for low usage research and development departments where low numbers of individual plates or vials need drying.  The MiniVap® is simple to operate and maintain.  Installation requires only connection to a gas supply and standard mains socket.  With manual control of the needle depth, gas temperature and flow rate, it allows fine control and quicker drying times than other standard methods.