Multi-Rotator Model RS100

Multi-Rotator Model RS100

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RS100  Multi-Rotator is a high speed shaker with brushless DC motor and microprocessor controlled technique. Mix and culture all kinds of flask, petri dish and beaker, by changing different platforms. It can be applicable in different laboratories: biotechnology, microbiology and medicine analysis, etc.


1. LCD displays time and shaking speed.
2. Easy to operate with touch knob.
3. Setup the time of 1min~99h59min. Beep alarms when operation ends.
4. Different platforms can be chosen for variety demands.
5. Gentle and reliable shaking with brushless DC motor.
6. Programmable motions include: 1) orbital rotational motion, 2) reciprocal motion, 3) pause. Not only run in one particular type, but also alternate motions of different types cyclically.

 Shaking speed10~100rpm
Timing range1min ~99h59min
Time period for orbital rotational and reciprocal motions1-250s
Time for pause1-5s
Max. load6kg
VoltageAC110~240V 50/60Hz
Part NumberOptional Accessories 
PRS-01Two sides can accommodate 44 tubes of 1.5ml vertically       View Product
PRS-02Two sides can accommodate 40 tubes of 1.5ml horizontally        View Product
PRS-03Two sides can accommodate 32 tubes of 5ml vertically        View Product
PRS-04Two sides can accommodate 40 tubes of 5ml horizontally        View Product
PRS-05Two sides can accommodate 12 tubes of 10ml/15ml vertically       View Product
PRS-06Two sides can accommodate 16 tubes of 10ml/15ml horizontally    View Product
PRS-07Two sides can accommodate 12 tubes of 50ml vertically      View Product
PRS-08Two sides can accommodate 16 tubes of 50ml horizontally       View Product