Orbital Shaker-Incubator Model TOS30

Orbital Shaker-Incubator Model TOS30

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TOS30 Orbital Shaker-Incubator, combing shaker and incubator is a compact bench–top Shaker–Incubator used for mixing of biological liquids as well as for incubation and cultivation of biological liquids according to the operator set program. Interchangeable platforms allow it mix and culture samples in flask, petri dish, tubes and etc. Built–in microprocessor thermo controller provides constant temperature control in the incubator chamber. It is extremely easy to operate, with very straightforward setup of temperature, speed and time.


1. Instantly display operation information(time, temperature and speed) on the LCD screen.
2. Gentle and reliable shaking with direct brushless DC motor.
3. The incubator features acrylic lid to allow easy visibility of and access to the samples.
4. Constant temperature control ensures even temperature distribution in the chamber.
5. Running safely –-heating and shaking will be automatically stopped once the lid is open.
6. Auto restart in case of power failure.
7. Over-heating protection device is included.
8.  Built-in temperature calibration function.

Temperature setting range0°C ~60°C
Temperature control rangeRT.+5°C ~60°C
Time range1min~99h59min/∞
Temp. accuracy≤±0.5°C(@37°C)
Display accuracy0.1°C
Temp. uniformity≤±0.5°C(@37°C)
Shaking range50~250rpm
Heating time≤20min(from 25°C to 60°C)
Platform dimension350x350mm
Internal chamber height325mm
Max.load capacity10.0kg
Auto resume to runYes
VoltageAC220V or 110V/50-60Hz
Fuse250V  3A  Ф5×20

Optional Platforms

Part NumberPlatform Description
TOS30-T1Platform with clamps for 9×250ml conical flask           View Product
TOS30-T2Platform with clamps for 25×100ml conical flask          View Product
TOS30-T3Flat platform for 16pcs petri dishes         View Product
TOS30-T4Platfrom with spring holder           View Product