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  Rapid Slit Rapid Slit PET Silicone Adhesive Sealing Film, Pre-Slit for Automation, SPE, HPLC, LC/MS and ADME, 100 per case View Product

The Slit Seal is a resistant, instant self-closing 96-well plate seal. The adhesive-free, pre-cut slits made of silicone and PET allows easy insertion and withdrawal of pipette tips and sampling needles without dragging. The Slit Seal’s main purpose is to prevent solvent evaporation and cross-contamination. Some suggested applications are Automation, SPE, HPLC, LC/MS, ADME, and organic synthesis.
• Self-closes instantly
• No cross-contamination between wells
• Allows next day analysis
• No adhesive on well spots
• Pipette tips insert easily with less friction
• Functional temperature range: -80°C to +37°C
• Dimensions: 80mm x 122mm