Semi Automated Microplate Sealer Model ASP1000

Semi Automated Microplate Sealer Model ASP1000

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The Semi-Automated Plate Sealer is used for sealing a wide variety of microplates (Elisa, cell culture, PCR and deep-well plates) to store samples, prevent evaporation and minimize contamination. It is applicable for a variety of heat seals, meeting any laboratory application, including PCR, coulorimetric, fluorescence, long term storage. A plate sensing system allows to provide uniform force, transferring heat evenly to the sealing surface whether using PCR plates or deep-well plates.


1. Rapid heating(reaching 170°C in 300seconds)

2. Adjustable Sealing Temperature: 80°C ~200°C

3. OLED display screen, high light.

4. Applicable for different micro plates and heat seals.

5. Precise temperature, timing and pressure for consistent sealing.

6. Compact footprint: only 178mm wide x 370mm depth


a. If a hand or objects stuck in the drawer when it’s moving, the drawer motor will reverse automatically. This feature prevent both user and the unit from injury.

b. Special and smart design on the drawer, it can be detached from the main device.

Power save mode:

If the unit is left on but inactive for long periods, it will enter a power saving mode.

a. When the unit is inactive for 60min, it will switch into stand-by mode. Then the temperature will be reduced to 60°C to save power.

b. When the unit is inactive for 120min, it will switch into Power-Save mode. The display and heating element will be switched off. The user can awaken the unit by pressing any button.

 Display OLED
Sealing temperatureOFF, 80°C ~200°C(increment of 1.0°C)
Temperature accuracy±1°C
Temperature uniformity≤ ± 0.5 ℃
Sealing time0.5s~10s(increment of 0.1s)
Seal plate height9~48mm
Compatible plate materialsPP(Polypropylene), PS(Polystyrene), PE(Polyethylene)
Compatible plate typesStandard Assay Plates, Deep-well Storage Plates, PCR Plates: skirted, semi-skirted, non-skirted
Compatible Sealing Film TypesFoil-polypropylene laminate, Clear polyester-polypropylene laminate, Clear polymer, Thin clear polymer