Thermo Shaker Model TCS10

Thermo Shaker Model TCS10

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TCS10 thermo shaker is a temperature controlled shaker, which is useful for a variety of molecular biology applications. Speed, time and temperature settings are continuously visible on the LCD, simultaneously showing both actual and selected values. Integral over-temperature control ensures long time, safety and sample integrity.


1. LCD display. It is easy to setup and use.
2. Reliable design with inner extra temperature protection.
3. Each device is equipped with lifter that is easy to replace different blocks.
4. Digital accuracy and convenience.
5. Precision wells for uniform thermal transfer.
6. Assorted blocks for a wide variety of tube sizes.
7. Brushless DC Motor: noiseless long service life maintenance-free.
8. Conform to CE safety standard.
9. Accurately control and display time, temperature and speed.

Product modelTCS10 
 Temp setting range0℃~100℃
 Temp control range RT-20℃~100℃ 
 Time range 1min ~ 99h59min/∞
 Temp accuracy≤±0.3℃
Display accuracy0.1℃
Temp uniformity≤±0.3℃
Speed range200~1500rpm 
Heating time≤12min(25℃ to 100℃)
Cooling time1≤10min(100℃ to 25℃) 
Cooling time 2≤15min(from RT to RT-20℃) 
Multi point runningYes(Max 5 points)
Multi cycleYes(Max 99 times)
Auto heatingYes
Auto runningYes
Auto resume to runYes
Storage at 4℃Yes
CapacitySee optional block
Power supply150W
Fuse250V  3A  Ф5×20

Optional Aluminum Blocks

Part NumberTube quantity x Tube size
MD3096 x 0.2ml PCR plate         View Product
MD3154 x 0.5ml centrifuge tube        View Product
MD3235 x 1.5ml centrifuge tube         View Product
MD3335 x 2.0ml centrifuge tube        Product ID not specified.
MD3420 x 1.5ml+15×0.5ml         View Product
MD3596 x 0.2ml elisa plate         View Product
MD3624 x 5ml centrifuge tube         View Product
MD3715 x 10ml centrifuge tube         View Product
MD3812 x 15ml centrifuge tube         View Product
MD396 x 50ml centrifuge tube(round-shape bottom )         View Product
MD39-S6 x 50ml centrifuge tube(cone-shape bottom)      View Product