Item # Description
  250-10045 Ultravap® Mistral Blowdown Evaporator without Needle Head (formerly P/N 500149), 1 unit View Product
  150-10002013 96 Needle Head with spiral needles (formerly P/N 229072), 1 unit View Product
  150-10002012 96 Needle Head with straight needles (formerly P/N 229036), 1 unit View Product
  150-10002014 384 Needle Head with straight needles (formerly P/N 229073), 1 unit View Product
  150-10002015 24 Needle Head with straight needles (formelry P/N 229409), 1 unit View Product
  150-10002016 48 Needle Head with straight needles (formerly P/N 229410), 1 unit View Product

The Ultravap® Mistral from Porvair Sciences is designed to remove the traditional laboratory ‘bottleneck’ of solvent evaporation from microplates.  Fully automating the dry-down step has always been impossible because it is difficult to interface liquid handling robots with traditional centrifugal-type evaporators.  The Ultravap® Mistral design, by dispensing with the rotating arm of the centrifuge and offering a fully-flat front profile, overcomes this problem and is much better positioned to link with your robot.  With more than 20 years’ experience in producing deep well microplates, Porvair Sciences has thoroughly researched the problems of drying down organic solvents in plates.  This has led to the ultimate microplate blow down evaporator – the Ultravap® Mistral.