Vortex Mixer Model MIX2000

Vortex Mixer Model MIX2000

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MIX2000 Vortexer Mixer is with technique of brushless DC motor and microprocessor controlled technique. Characterized by compact and reliable structure, low power and noise, vortex mixer is widely used in biochemistry, gene engineering and medicine experiments. It is designed to meet most of the requirement of many lab users.


1. Touch operation or continuous mode.
2. Variable speed control from 1000 to 2800rpm.
3. Used for various mixing application with optional adaptors.
4. Accept a variety of test tubes, including the tubes up to 50ml.
5. Brushless DC motor: precise shaking speed, long service life maintenance-free.

 Speed range 1000~2800rpm
 Orbit 3mm
 Temp setting range1sec ~99min59sec/∞
 Run modeTouch operation/Continuous
Motor typeShaded pole motor
Power supply60W
VoltageAC110 or 220V 50/60Hz
NameProduct Accessories 
Single-tube headFor one tubeStandard
Foam block platformUsed with foam blockStandard
Foam block A4x29mmStandard
Foam block B8x15mmStandard
Foam block C24x10mmStandard
Foam block D37x8mmStandard